"Emergency Advisor/Emergency Detector": Provide a More Effective Warning System on an Emergency Vehicle

The "Emergency Advisor/Emergency Detector" is a precautionary unit for motorists when they or others are at risk.

​The Online Dictionary has numerous descriptions for the word emergency, but this one seems to fit the new Advisor/Detector part (an unexpected situation that requires immediate action) best. The Emergency Advisor/Emergency Detector is an alarm mechanism boasting an integrated receiver which responds to emergency vehicle sirens or frequencies. The design intent is to provide a more effective warning system including a flashing light and audible alarm buzzer indicating an emergency vehicle (police, fire, ambulance) is approaching and to get out of their way. The device gives motorists ample time to pull to the side of the road. It is anticipated that in the near future this device may also be utilized for blocking incoming and outgoing text messages while a vehicle is in operation.

The Emergency Advisory/Emergency Detector electronic mechanisms cannot be turned off or down so the audible aspect of the alert remains workable.  It can be easily heard and detected regardless of the ambient noise.When emergency vehicles are approaching the driver, who may not be aware of the wailing sirens, will view an instant beacon to capture his or her attention. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Emergency Advisor/Emergency Detector.
The Patent Pending Emergency Advisor/Emergency Detector was invented by Danyell Baptiste of Chicago, IL who said, “It is impossible to predict the number of lives saved or accidents prevented but one thing is for certain. It aids the emergency personnel, the victims awaiting help and the vehicles and occupants on the highway at the time of the emergency, when time is critical to all concerned.”

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