"Exergencycle ": A Premium-Quality Stationary Exercise Machine

Invents unveils "Exergencycle", the more you pedal, the more you save in electric utility bills.

​Exercise and fitness are words that should be vital to everyone. The Exergencycle is a premium-quality stationary exercise machine to be positioned in front of a seated individual that not only burns calories but also generates electricity. The Exergencycle is an innovative, two-in-one pedal turning “exercise generator cycle” which enables consumers to get or stay in shape while “trimming down” on the body and even more importantly reducing consumption of electrical energy and cutting back on utility bills. The design of this device is double-edged making it a valuable tool for fitness and for saving electrical usage.

The Exergencycle is a platform-based unit supported and stabilized by rubber-capped feet with a console-mounted LED display panel for exercise functions: one function indicates distance pedaled and another one, the time elapsed, with a third function indicating calories burned. The generator sends electricity to the voltage regulator and though the charge controller and back to your electric meter, thus lowering your usage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Exergencycle.
The Patent Pending Exergencycle was invented by Frank Romano of Manalapan, NJ who said, “This gives a user the inspiration to pedal longer and more often, not just for the exercise but for the energy-conserving measures. Exercise improves the emotional and mental outlook of an individual and when you add that saving money, it is even better. It works.”

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