"Extend-a-Volt": When a Charging Cord Just Isn't Long Enough

​The Extend-A-Volt is a compact, portable, USB to mini/micro USB extension charging cord mounted on two stacked, spring loaded reels that makes extending and retracting the cord easy. It also keeps the cords separated, neat and handy at home and on the go. It is adapted to charge a wide variety of devices such as phones, remotes, tablets, video game controllers, etc. The extendable 10-15' of cord will be retractable and tangle proof. The retractable reel will be disk-like with a 3-4” diameter and 1-2” high. A portal on each side will allow the ends to be pulled outward to the desired length. There could be many adapters made available for various devices, including iPhones which have the lightning charger.

The Extend-A-Volt will give the user ample reach for charging devices such as smart phones, game controllers and more. Also, the stacked spring loaded reels will neatly hold any excess cable and eliminate the slack and tangled cords during charging. The Extend-A-Volt is perfect for home use although it is easily portable and can be carried in a purse, book-bag, briefcase or computer bag as well. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Extend-A-Volt.

The Patent Pending Extend-A-Volt was invented by Travis Hooper of Houston, TX who said, “I thought of this while playing video games and needed to charge my battery but needed more than just the 3' of charging cord extension that the normal retractable extension has available. The Extend-A-Volt works.”
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