"Exterior Design": A Proprietary Software Program Designed to Enable a Variety of Home-Improvement Contractors to Show Prospective Customers

"Exterior Design" supplies a competitive edge and aids potential clients to choose their decor.

​Design and structure are important items to look at when considering changes in a building or house. It is much easier when the designer/contractor uses this new program.  Exterior Design is a proprietary software program designed to enable a variety of home-improvement contractors to show prospective customers exactly what their residence or building will look like with new customized features whether it be new brickwork, stonework, windows, siding, walkways, awnings porch or addition, even a new patio. Simple cosmetic work can make a big difference in selecting the option and sub-options choices the owner or developer wants. Executive Design is not only effective it is economical and will generate business for the users.

Exterior Design is software that enables a contractor to edit digital photographs of a given structure such as a house, multi-unit residential building, or a commercial building, in order to replace the existing features or facade with those in the contemplated renovation or upgrade. Within each category or project there are dozens of choices in design as well as materials ranging from wood, brick, stone, concrete, glass and more.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Exterior Design.
The Patent Pending Exterior Design was invented by Filippo Amato of Glendale Queens, NY who said, “Sometimes and I should say most often it is difficult to “view” a certain exterior change but Exterior Design puts it right up front and allows for choices that an owner is able to see; and it is a great tool for all designers and contractors. It shows the potential client that their finished job will be just as they wished.”

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