"EZ Load Laundry": An All-in-One Washer and Dryer

Invents introduces "EZ Load Laundry" which converts into a dryer after completing wash and rinse cycle.

 Invents Introduces EZ Load Laundry …

… converts into a dryer after completing wash and rinse cycle.

NORRISTOWN, PA—One of life’s daily activities is keeping clothes clean and ready to wear. The EZ Load Laundry is an all-in-one washer and dryer that automatically wash and dry a load of laundry. It is produced in three different sizes from compact to heavy duty for residential and commercial use. The design intent is that by combining the washer and the dryer into a single, programmable working unit, the EZ Load Laundry saves busy consumers, time, space and money.

The EZ Load Laundry is available in three different versions; #1 is compact and ideal for those with limited space and #2 is slightly larger and the standard choice for most households while #3 is a heavy-duty model for use in commercial settings and coin-operated laundromats.Overall the EZ Load Laundry is a stylish, square front-loading machine with an enameled metal cabinet and a large square windowed front loading door. Basically the user simply sets it and forgets it after loading the clothes, detergent and fabric softeners.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Load Laundry.
The Patent Pending EZ Load Laundry was invented by Victorio Cruz of Norristown, PA who said, “This unique laundry unit cuts the space r required in a household by half because it is all-in-one, thus no dryer space is needed. It will save busy householders and commercial laundry users considerable time spent doing laundry. Nothing further is required until the load is ready for folding. It is stylish and durable and best of all, it works.”

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