"EZ Open & Fold Covering": An Easy-to-Open Canopy or Open-Tent-Style Covering

"EZ Open & Fold Covering" is perfect for tailgate parties, camping, catering and for back yard picnics.

​Protection from the elements is a vital component of outdoor recreational enthusiasts but is not always available depending upon the location of the individuals.  That is no longer the case with this new easy to open tent or canopy that opens like an umbrella and pushes the canopy through the shaft. The EZ Open & Fold Covering is an easy-to-open canopy or open-tent-style covering which opens like any standard umbrella.  It features four or more expandable support legs depending upon the size of the unit. The design intent is to provide outdoor lovers with a more user-friendly and roomier covering than that provided by a standard size outdoor umbrella but with the same ease of use.

This product is easy to open and folds back compactly after use.  Extending downward are a series of metal based stems in a crisscrossing fashion; expanded and retracted in a telescoping fashion these stems serve to expand the canopy to its full opened position. The positioning of the four expandable support stems at each corner offers a roomier area underneath the canopy. It is designed in such a way that it instantly can create a veritable tent in seconds.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Open & Fold Covering.
The Patent Pending EZ Open & Fold Covering was invented by A.K. and Y. R. of Monsey, NY who said, “This is amazing. It opens like any standard umbrella pushing the canopy through the shaft. You have all the space without the middle shaft in the way and it is perfect for outdoor camping, tailgate parties and catering. It sets up within seconds. It works perfectly.”

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