"EZ Ready Laundry Buddy": Provide Consumers With a Means of Retrieving Items That Are Hard-to-Reach

Invents introduces "EZ Ready Laundry Buddy" which meets every demand regardless of reach, size or whereabouts.

​Doing laundry is a typical job but it doesn’t mean one has to enjoy it. Sometimes the difficulty of pulling it all together can be a stretch and cause frustration and stress. The EZ Reach Laundry Buddy is an elongated cylinder with a hook-like feature for use in grabbing clothing, linens and other articles along with a spring-loaded sliding rod to secure such items. The design intent of this product is to provide consumers with a means of retrieving items that are hard-to-reach in washing machines, dryers and hampers or even off the floor, thus enabling the user to comfortably stand upright while accomplishing this task.
The EZ Reach Laundry Buddy is configured expressly to retrieve clothing (and other items) while remaining in an upright position. It comes with a specially designed wall mount that can be used as a stick-on, or screw mount, allowing the grabber to be hung up when not in use but equally handy and quickly available to the user when needed.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Reach Laundry Buddy
The Patent Pending EZ Reach Laundry Buddy was invented by a resident of Warren County, NJ who said, “This is a tremendously handy household tool that helps in reaching and removing laundry from hard-to-reach areas of washing machines, dryers, hampers, laundry baskets and even off the floor. It works particularly well for the disabled, elderly or smaller individuals as well as those who have difficulty bending due to back problems and/or limited mobility. It works perfectly and once used buy a consumer no one will ever want to be without it again.”

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