"EZ Spice": Measuring Made Easier and More Accurate Than Ever Before

Dispensing spices properly can make the difference between a perfect dish and a horrible one.  Unfortunately, it can be easy to be distracted and measure incorrectly. This is not going to happen when using this new device. The EZ Spice is a spice jar designed to eliminate the need for measuring spoons when dispensing spices. A twist-top measuring system would allow the user to select the desired amount, from ¼ Teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon, then lock the measurement in place, turn upside down so the spice fills the reservoir with the selected amount, and lock, apportioning the spice for easy dispensing, and saving cooks the time and trouble of separate measuring spoons. The spice of life will be enhanced when using EZ Spice.

Produced in a variety of sizes, EZ Spice is injection-molded, food-grade thermoplastic cylindrical unit. The top of the jar features a rotary dial that a user can twist, lining up an arrow or diamond indicator at the edge of the top with a corresponding indicator (on the side of the jar, adjacent to the top) of the desired measure. The measures are ¼-Tsp; ½-Tsp; 1-Tsp; and 1-Tbsp. Rotating the top dial moves a “second cap” within the jar, and this hidden cap – flat, round, and form-fitting to the jar – is molded with cutouts corresponding to the amount of spice chosen. Once the amount of spice has been chosen and the dial set, the user inverts the EZ Spice, and the desired amount of spice moves through the interior, measuring cutout, into the space beneath the closed outer cap and dial. A second rotation of the dial, this time to a “Closed” or “Locked” indicator, seals the inner cap so that no more spice will be let out. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in EZ Spice. 
The EZ Spice is Patent Pending and invented by Tanya Valles of La Puente, CA who said, “Not too many cooks or chefs can accurately measure by eye or guesstimate. It is simple and easy to provide the exact needed measurement when using EZ Spice. Better yet, once this is in the marketplace, retail sales will never be the same again. Shoppers will never need to look at spoon measurements the same way again because EZ Spice does it accurately. Brand loyalty will become the brand of choice by cooks and chefs of all persuasions. The lid of this device does it all and it works.” 

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