"EZ Tape": Makes Hanging Drywall Easier

The EZ Tape is a line of specially enhanced drywall panels that feature a tape based, one inch paper flange on all four sides of the panel. Using these will prevent the user from purchasing separate drywall tape, measuring, and applying it, and sanding it down. It is designed to save time and money by providing an easier and more effective means of leaving a smooth finish, and completing drywall tasks in less time. The EZ Tape will be made for standard size panels of drywall, yet each side of a panel will have a one inch, tape based paper flange extension. This flange is an integral part of the drywall paper covering, and not attached on top as to form a ridge. At the point where the paper is attached to the drywall, one inch from the edge, will be a scoring or micro-perforation which will make trimming of the flange by hand easier, or via utility knife. Thus, there will be a 1” indentation on the surface of the drywall where the paper tape had been. The purpose of this is to snugly receive extending paper tape from an adjacent panel while leaving the surface smooth. You need only place the drywall in the desired area, and fit the pieces together like puzzle pieces.

EZ Tape will eliminate many of the hassles that come with hanging drywall. Standard drywall must be spackled and taped, but with EZ Tape you can alleviate this process. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Tape.

The Patent Pending EZ Tape was invented by Amarildo and Claudia Silveira of Valley Stream, NY who said, “I work with drywall every day, and thought of this to make my job easier. EZ Tape will also save money in extra material and labor costs. It works perfectly.”

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