"EZ Tread": An Enhanced Conveyance Accessory for Coolers

The "EZ Tread" is a transport system for beverage coolers everywhere—beach, sand, snow, ice and rough terrain.

​It is easier to pull a beverage or food cooler than it is to carry it and the new EZ Tread makes for ease of transport in all types of locations. The EZ Tread is a specially designed attachment for food and beverage coolers that features either tank-like continuous track treads or ski blades for easy mobility. The design intent is to provide beach goers, rough terrain goers, snow goers, and other outdoor participants with an enhanced conveyance accessory for coolers that is better able to navigate a sandy beach, snow and uneven terrain.

The EZ Tread is fabricated of durable weather-resistant materials and designed for the cooler to be mounted snug between a pair of tension controlled “L” shaped clamp brackets. These brackets facilitate a secure attachment and as such, the tension knob can be adjusted to the width of the bottom cooler. Each t read can be gimbaled for a 360-degree range rendering the cooler omnidirectional via a pivoted support allowing the rotation of an object about a single axis. This will also allow for stair climbing.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the EZ Tread.
The Patent Pending EZ Tread was invented by Philip Green of Middle Island, NY who said, “I visit beaches all over the county while on vacations and see everyone struggling with a heavy cooler while trying to control kids, chairs and other equipment. This sled-like device benefits anyone engaged in outdoor activities whether at the beach, in a park, camping, hunting, fishing or wherever. It works!”

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