"Fil-a-Met": An App for Your Smartphone to Check Balance or Add Funds to Pre-Paid Mass Transit Card

​STOP! That word will not happen to you if you keep your mobile card alive with necessary funds. While that is not always so simple, it can be with this new product. The Fil-A-Met is a mobile card-reader and software application for smartphones that offers MetroCard and other pre-paid mass-transit card users with a simple and immediate means to check and refill their card balance at any time and in any location — thus ensuring that the needed funds necessary to travel are in the account. As such, the Fil-A-Met user is spared the hassle and embarrassment of rejection and the trouble of finding a dedicated location to check or refill the card.

The Fil-A-Met system consists of a card-reader swipe device that plugs into the headphone jack of any iOS or Android compatible smartphone and a software application to be downloaded to the phone.  With this app downloaded to the smartphone the system displays the balance remaining on the MetroCard or other pre-paid mass transit cards and offers options for transferring funds to the card through a PayPal account or from a checking account via a debit card or with a credit card. The Fil-A-Met functions not only with New York’s MetroCard but with the prepaid cards used in other metropolitan transit systems.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fil-A-Met. 
The Patent Pending Fil-A-Met was invented by Eric Hernandez and Margarita Saez of Bronx, NY who said, “Nobody wants to walk rather than ride which might happen when a mobile card is not working.   The Fil-A-Met is the latest in convenience for the busy traveler around large metropolitan areas where traffic is heavy. It is convenient, easy to use and affordable and it takes the guesswork out of using a transit-card.”

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