"Finger Armor": Aids Fixing a Finger or Toe With Healing Properties

Anyone who has suffered through the problem of keeping a band aid on a toe or finger will quickly see the benefit of this product. Finger Armor is a line of bandages with or without ointment that are specially designed for use on the finger tips and toes, that features a protective, cushioned “cap” which encapsulates the finger or toe tip. Also featuring flexible, stretchable materials and super sticky adhesive for long wear and securement of the Finger Armor. The design intent is to provide sufferers of dry, cracked, painful fingertips and toes with a more efficient aid in healing, by offering working hands and feet the needed protection and time to heal from cuts, scrapes, damaged cuticles, or dry cracked skin.

Made of materials like standard adhesive bandages Finger Armor offers a rectangular unit with a stretchable cushioned cap in a variety of sizes to accommodate the fingers or toes. The underside of each Finger Armor bandage is lined with medical-grade, cushioned gauze material and bordered with adhesive side flaps sized appropriately to overlap and seal. The back of each bandage is comprised of stretchable fabric that permits unencumbered movement of the finger or toe while in use. Yet, it is the “Cushion Cap” that sets this clever product apart from the common bandage. This takes the form of a dome-shaped accoutrement made of cushiony material that surrounds the tip of the finger or toe including the nail and cuticle, covering downward, past the first knuckle. The Cap is infused with a healing topical (such as Neosporin or similar) or offered without medication. TV test marketing has recently been completed and indicates strong consumer interest in Finger Armor.
Finger Armor is Patent Pending and was invented by Christopher Cahoon of Easton, PA who said, “Finger Armor is not only for cuts and scrapes but works equally well on skin damage from exposure to cold, dry heat, humidity and harsh chemicals. It provides “armor” for throbbing appendages in medicated comfort while giving the finger (or toe) time to heal. It is virtually invisible because it blends with the skin color.  After spending tons of money on every type bandage and tape in the marketplace users will see that the cushioned cap of Finger Armor works perfectly.”

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