Fishermen's Advantage Eliminates Guesswork On End of Line

The Fish On is a must have fishing accessory because it eliminates the guesswork in night time fishing without obnoxious ringing bells.

Anglers, want to turn missed bites into fought and caught fish without using the obnoxious ringing bells of conventional products? With the Fish On, it is possible. The Fish On is a battery-powered, LED night-light and strike indicator that clips to the tip of a fishing rod and flashes to indicate the bite of a striking fish. Designed for bait-fishing at night, the Fish On takes the guesswork out of night-fishing. With the affordable Fish On, anglers can respond to bites they might otherwise have missed.

The Fish On fastens to the tip of a fishing rod with a chrome alligator clip. The base of the clip supports the power, motion-sensor and LED light assembly of the Fish On. All of these are contained within a bullet-shaped, clear plastic housing. The Fish On is powered by three # 1131 alkaline cell “button” batteries that, when a circuit is established through the motion of gold-plated contacts and a system of gold-plated and chrome springs, power two tiny LED lights, one yellow and one green. These lights are designed to be clearly visible from distances of 20 to 50 yards and even farther. A nibble on the bait activates the yellow light only and this light flashes with the relatively slight motion of each successive nibble. If the fish really strikes and takes the bait, the stronger motion works through the mechanism to activate the green light. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Fish On.

"The Fish On takes the place of the cork/bobber which can only be 'read' during daytime hours. It works perfectly to detail action taking place on the end of the line."

Booker Emmert , Inventor

The Patent Pending Fish On was invented by Booker Emmert of Victorville, CA, who said, “The Fish On works equally well during day light fishing. It is a compact, lightweight, fully self-contained system that not only alerts the night fisherman to action on the end of the line, but also conveys just exactly what kind of action is taking place. An experienced angler might be able to obtain this information and make this distinction by using a bobber or cork, but one can “read” the bobber or cork only in the day time.”

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