'Fishy Friend': An Electronic Siphoning Device Aids Cleaning of Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Much as individuals love having the ambiance of an aquarium in the home or office, they consistently require attention and cleaning. That problem is solved when using the new Fishy Friend. This is a compact, manually or electrically operated siphon pump with mesh filter, designed specifically for use in draining the water from aquariums. It is easy-to-use and affordable. Fishy Friend drains the water from an aquarium without having to resort to the use of pots and pans and other makeshift tools making an otherwise wet and messy process quick, easy, dry, and clean.

Fishy Friend is fabricated in durable, lightweight, injection-molded plastic and features an adjustable-length intake tube, the bottom of which is equipped with a removable, mesh filter-grate intake port that will prevent the pump from taking in sand, gravel, and other particulate matter. The pump comes in two variations: electric, motorized version powered by batteries or by a standard electric cord and outlet; and/or a hand-operated version, with a bulb-or lever-style pump primer.  In both versions, the intake/outflow valve mechanism is contained within a plastic sleeve that features a spring-clip to hold the intake tube securely to the side of the aquarium. Atop the cylindrical valve housing is a pivoting spout mechanism with a lever-style Open and Closed valve. This spout mechanism can rotate up and down throughout 120º of vertical alignment. The spout nozzle is equipped to receive and hold an adjustable length of flexible rubber tubing permitting the user to pipe the aquarium water directly to a sink, pail, or another receptacle. As a siphon pump, it operates automatically to drain a tank once the suctioning action of the siphon is established. Once the pump is primed – and this is true whether the suction is created by an electrical motor or by a hand-squeezed bulb – the water begins to flow up from the tank and out through the open spout with the flow continuing without further need of the pump until the tank has been emptied. In either version, the pump simply establishes a working siphon, which then drains the tank. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fishy Friend.

Fishy Friend is Patent Pending and was invented by Linda Niesborella, an aquarium owner and inventor living in Philadelphia, PA who said, “Anyone who owns an aquarium will quickly see the benefits of Fishy Friend. Emptying an aquarium is not one of the high points of aquarium ownership, but Fishy Friend makes it simple and easy—simply employ the pump to set the siphoning process. This is a great accessory for any fresh- or salt-water aquarium and Fishy Friend works perfectly.”

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