For Those Who Use A Walker, The Hang On

A hands-free way to carry personal items when using a walker.

Many need the use of a walker for mobility, but maneuvering a walker requires two hands and prevents one from being able to carry anything. Now, there is a new product which gives a hands-free way to carry personal items when using a walker. The Hang On is a set of four, durable and tamper-proof hanging hooks that are easily secured to an assistive walker, allowing one to carry such items as small shopping bags, a purse, an oxygen tank or even a set of house keys.

The Hang On is installed on a walker's side support bars, on either side of the walker's integrated hand grips. The durable hanging hooks are manufactured primarily of heavy duty, shatterproof plastic. Each hanging hook is attached to the walker framework via a durable, O-ring or comparable fastener that wraps about the rung of the walker completely, locking the unit in place. To secure stored objects and prevent easy tampering of the hooks, each hook has an integrated locking or spring-loaded clasp mechanism that secures the hook closed over the designated object. The hooks are offered in a variety of length to accommodate different storage needs and in bright colors or neutral hues. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Hang On.

The Patent Pending Hang On was invented by Joyce Fiske of Wishon, CA, who said, “To use, one simply mounts two hooks on each side of a walker. One can then hang personal items by opening the hook's clasp fastener and sliding the handle of the item over the hook and securing the hook closed.”

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