"Forget It Not": A Wireless Personal Alarm System

Invents unveils "Forget It Not" which ensures that vital personal items never get left behind accidentally.

​$30 billion dollars’ worth of cellphones are lost or stolen each years just in the United States and $1.5 billion worth of wallets and purses are lost or stolen in the United States. Forget It Not solves the problem of every individual who has lost or left an item behind in a restaurant, department store or any other retailer. Of course, it also works when leaving a friends’ home and forgetting certain items. Forget It Not is a wireless personal alarm system designed to prevent a person from inadvertently losing or forgetting valuable personal articles such as a cellphone, wallet or keys. Forget It Not is incorporated into a bracelet or necklace and functions as a sort of “electronic leash” between the user and his/her essential personal articles, issuing an alert to the user should these articles be forgotten.
The Forget It Not is a personal safety system keeping an individual’s essential articles close at hand, safe from theft or loss.  It provides a continuous wireless link between a special Forget It Not necklace or bracelet that the individual wears and their vital personal articles. When Forget It Not is separated by too great of a distance the user is alerted by a vibration and/or via an audible alert and flashing LED light. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Forget It Not
The Patent Pending Forget It Not was invented by Frederick Alexander of Chicago IL who said, “A continuous loop of communication is established because each facet-and-tag combination operate on a slightly different RF frequency. The alarm alerts the user to the item from which he or she strayed from and once retrieved the user can disable alarm with ease. This works.”

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