"Gal Jec (9243) Fishing Truck": An All-in-One, Self-Contained, Four-Wheeled Pull-Cart

Invents unveils "Gal Jec (9243) Fishing Truck" for avid fishermen who will love this upscale vehicle when angling all day long.

​Anglers take note of a simple method that will ease trips to where the fish are at. The Gal Jec (9243) Fishing Truck is just exactly what the name implies.  It will truck all fishing needs to the fishing grounds easily. It is an all-in-one, self-contained, four-wheeled pull-cart designed to store and accommodate, as well as organize, the gear needed for a day’s fishing from the rods and reels to tackle-box and bait. It allows for totally easy transport from one’s garage or home area to the water, whether it is a lake, a river, or a boat…will even work out on the high seas because it contains everything one needs and can be moved right into the watercraft unless that craft be a canoe. Best of all, this is done comfortably in one single trip.
This device carries fishing equipment along with numerous accessories and is also equipped with a compass and a cell phone holder. The refrigerator, seat, hands-free fishing pole holders and other items contain all the necessities one needs for a full day of angling.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Gal Jec (9243) Fishing Truck.
The Patent Pending Gal Jec (9243) Fishing Truck was invented by Gene Collins and his wife, Willie Wilson Collins of Houston, TX, both of whom said, “This device has an all-terrain wagon chassis with a large insulated cooler that doubles as a comfortable fishing seat. Not only is it a great place to sit while fishing, once opened it will hold the catch, the inside of the top can even be used as a bait-cutting board. It reminds us of an upscale vehicle because it has it all.”

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