"Golden Dispenser": Can Be Used to Dispense Almost Anything That Pulls Off a Spool or Roll

​Arts and crafts enthusiasts will benefit from this new product which also will be popular with various institutions and facilities as well as do-it-yourselfers in numerous households across America, if not the world. The Golden Dispenser is a fully adjustable, multi-purpose countertop/tabletop or mounted storage rack and dispenser featuring telescoping dowels for storing such articles as spooled threads and ribbons, skeins of yarn, and rolls of string, cord, tape, fabric borders, elastics, or wire —as well as a handy holder for loose items like rubber bands and twist-ties — basically anything you can hang on it.

The Golden Dispenser is fabricated in either wood or molded thermoplastic and is available in two slightly different versions depending upon the need of the consumer. The base of each version is equipped with non-slip, non-marring, rubberized bottoms and the dispenser itself is offered in a variety of colors to suit the consumer taste.Both versions are compact, versatile and handy and removes the struggle the user has had with dispensing articles for arts and crafts and other selected duties.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Golden Dispenser.
The Patent Pending Golden Dispenser was invented by Catherine Golden of Long Beach, NY who said, “Persons who are involved in scrapbooking or other activities as diverse as making curtains or wrapping gifts will appreciate the Golden Dispenser because it dispenses the needed items without having to struggle with rolls that have spun across the floor and become an entangled mess. It provides a stable anchored reel for articles needing to be unspooled with a certain length of material; unspooling the length of needed material is easy and nothing winds up under the table, under the bed or anywhere on the floor.  It works just as it was designed to work.”

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