"Golizzi/Logizzi/Lozi": A Reliable Safety Tool

Invents introduces "Golizzi/Logizzi/Lozi" which has the primary purpose of protecting bathing babies, as well as for disabled adults and seniors.

The words security and protection go hand in hand. Of all the various places where both security and protection are so vital—think water!  Bathing can be treacherous and babies can be so fast and squiggly, particularly when wet, that the Golizzi is one way to protect and secure the infant. It is a reliable safety tool that prevents an infant or disabled child (or adult) from falling over or slipping below the water line during the bathing process.
This product can be utilized for infants, toddlers, disabled children and adults with special needs. It is similar in appearance to a deck chair and has heavy duty suction cups that secure the platform of the Golizzi to the floor of the tub or shower where it is installed. The back and seat rest are made of interlocking slotted panels that are joined at the center of the unit base via sturdy covered hinges that enable the user to fold and conveniently store or transport if necessary. The slotted panels allow free flowing water around the user without any accumulation.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in Golizzi/Logizzi/Lozi.
The Patent Pending Golizzi/Logizzi/Lozi was invented by Thelma Liverpool of Laurelton, NY who said “The Golizzi enables the mother, grandparent or caregiver to securely bathe, wash or rinse a fidgeting child (or allow the little one to sit safely in the bathtub or even in a kiddie pool on the patio or deck). It is dependable and trustworthy. Once used by parents or caregivers, Golizzi will become a staunch addition to every home.”

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