"Grandma's Idea": An Easy Way to Protect a Baby's Bottom

Anyone who has cared for a baby in diapers knows that one of the most important items to have with them besides food and diapers is some kind of skin ointment for diaper rash. Grandma's Idea will include a built in packet of ointment in a baby diaper sealed by a peel away paper liner.

By peeling away the liner and using it to apply the ointment to the baby bottom, the user can avoid having greasy hands and eliminate the need to carry a tube or jar of ointment along with them. In addition, the baby can be protected from diaper rash at all times. Inside the diaper is a sealed pocket with a packet of ointment for diaper rash, you would simply peel away the paper tab, and this will serve as the applicator to spread it onto the baby. Simple, easy and mess free.

Grandma's Idea will make diaper changing easier, neater, and more convenient, while providing the baby the skin care that they need. It could be developed as a new line of diapers or just marketed as a design concept for existing diapers. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Grandma's Idea.
The Patent Pending Grandma's Idea was invented by Abby Jelks-Malone of Bolingbrook, IL who said, “When you care for a baby, you never want to be without a skin ointment for the baby. This idea would make it easy to apply and you wouldn't have to carry a bulky tube or container of ointment with you. It would be mess free to apply also.”

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