'Grater Kitchen Concepts' Performs Perfectly Without Painful Cuts to Hands or Fingers

If you are tired of cuts and nicks to your hands when preparing foods on a box grater, you will appreciate this new device to slice, grate or shred foods. The Grater Kitchen Concepts is a specially designed grater and slicer tool for kitchen use, with the device assembled on an angle for more natural hand and arm movement, as opposed to the traditional box shape. Featuring a multi-position rubber based locking stand, and interchangeable grating and slicing plates, the design intent is to provide a more user-friendly and safer means of grating or slicing cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, and other foods.

The Grater Kitchen Concepts is comprised of two main components: a sturdy angled platform on which the actual grating tool rests and a series of interchangeable grating blades that are applied to the platform. Taken separately, the platform itself is comprised of heavy-duty plastic material in a rectangular framework inside of which the grating blade is inserted. Mounted to the underside of the framework are hinged vertical support legs that fold flush for compact storage. A layer of durable, nonskid rubber secures the unit and prevents it from sliding during use. Grater Kitchen Concepts includes a set of four stainless steel, precision cutting blades for slicing, shredding or grating foods, each of which easily slide into or out of the integrated fittings in the framework, allowing a user to switch from one to the other with ease. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest. 

Patent Pending Grater Kitchen Concepts was invented by Kenneth Hughes and John Scaramucich of Eatontown, N.J., who said, “The dynamic design of the Grater Kitchen Concept will appeal to the home cook as well as food professionals everywhere. It is a precision tool that works perfectly.” 

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Source: Invents Company / The Grater Kitchen Concepts


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