"Grill Grabbers": Remove the Grill Without Removing the Food

​Grill Grabbers is a set of grill accessory tools that enable you to safely and easily lift the cooking grate off the grill, even if it is hot. They will hold the grate level, or put it down on a flat surface, then lift it again to place it back on the grill, all without ever disturbing the food on top, and also without burning yourself. Grill Grabbers is an A shaped device with a hook handle at the top, two legs featuring inward curving hooks at the bottom. You simply need to hold the device by the top hook or handle, while the two bottom hooks engage on either side onto the cooking grate.

Grill Grabbers are simple, easy-to-use tools that lift, move and reposition the cooking grate of a barbecue grill when hot. It will eliminate the need for mitts or gloves, and the need to come up with a makeshift method to lift the grate. They will be adjustable and can be used with any grill grate.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Grill Grabbers.
The Patent Pending Grill Grabbers was invented by Vernon Kimble of Houston, TX who said, “Sometimes you need to remove the grill and replace the coals or wood without disturbing all the food on it. This tool will allow you to do that. Grill Grabbers work perfectly.”

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