"Hang On-Home Gym and Back Massage in One": Allows Virtually Any User to Enjoy Benefits of Exercise Regimens

​Every individual wants to be strong and healthy. But, sometimes  it is impossible  to  get out of the house and head to a gym. That problem is solved if one uses this new universal exercise bar and workout accessory right in their own home. The Hang On-Home Gym and Back Massager in One is the very  first home gym and dial controlled back massager in the form of a weighted bar that is also augmented with a vibrating massage element. The design intent is to provide consumers with a simple and effective means of reaping the benefits of a system of tools which facilitate a concentrated exercise regimen and musculoskeletal pain relief with one-easy-to-use product right in the comfort of home.

The Hang On-Home Gym and Back Massager in One is made of a combination of durable light metal, plastic, rubber and ergonomically sound sponge-foam materials. The inventor will package the Hang On system with a comprehensive selection of exercise aid including a poster illustrating workouts characterized by body type, a healthy meal plan, workout DVD, workout tracker log, and more. Additional pieces include a tripod for balance exercise, suspension trainer, spiked massage ball, balance platform, jump rope, exercise bands and cords and more. A line of fitness clothing accompanies the system along with a pillow, gym bag and water  bottles. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Hang On-Home  Gym and Back Massager in One.

The Patent Pending Hang On-Home Gym and Back Massager in One was invented by Anthony DiGioia of Franklin Park, IL who said, “My product eliminates the  need for other workout  equipment and trips  to the  gym. The  resistance  components  accentuate  a  full  body  workout  while  the  massage  element  serves  a  dual purpose and optimizes fitness exercises while providing needed massage therapy. It works.”

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