"Heaven Sent": Wanderers Never Become Missing When This is in Use

​Everyone recognizes how swiftly a youngster can move away from a parent and the immediate panic that ensues. Anxiety and fear on behalf of a caregiver takes place if an elderly person who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s is lost or missing as well. This is prevented when this new device is in operation. Heaven Sent is a specially configured GPS enabled monitoring system for infants and children, as well as disabled or elderly adults. It is designed to alert parents and caregivers should their children, loved ones, or charges wander too far away or become lost. Heaven Sent helps to keep them safe and easily found. The Heaven Sent system and application effectively and quickly alleviates the risk of a missing, lost or abducted child as well as a missing or lost adult suffering from dementia.

The device consists of a transmitter for the child or person to be monitored and receiver for the parent or caregiver. Each device has an adjustable wrist band or pendant for parents and an anklet for infants and children that is a soft yet durable material. A small durable casing encloses the receiver which has two externally positioned buttons, an on/off switch and a button for the range control powered by standard batteries or a rechargeable battery source. Preset range controls cover distances from 20’ to 60’ and more and if a child exceeds the present range limit the system then activates with a signal. When this occurs, the parent or caregiver would then use the external range setting button on both the receiver and transmitter to input the desired distance. (This may also be selected via the app.) If the wearer wanders past the preset range, an insistent beeping alert emits from the bands. The alarm continues until the child returns to the area within range of Heaven Sent system. GPS technology is included to monitor specific whereabouts via a software application downloaded into a smartphone or other device. Once activated, the app graphically displays the whereabouts of the missing individual and pinpointing his or her exact location anywhere on earth.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Heaven Sent.
The Patent Pending Heaven Sent was invented by Michael Brantner of Wonder Lake, IL who said, “I think the name says it all, particularly for those who have children because it defies the possibility that someone could abduct a youngster such as happened with the McCann child while on a family vacation in Spain.  It also prevents a wandering child from getting lost as well as a pre-occupied parent leaving a child in a hot car. Heaven Sent works equally well for those with special needs who can wander away without a caregiver’s knowledge.  It provides peace of mind.”

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