"Helping Hats": A Hat That Keeps the Wearer Cool in Hot Weather!

Invents introduces "Helping Hats" which keeps user cool when weather is unbearably hot and works for chemo patients too.

Unless one lives in the far climes of the planet where the sun rarely beats the heat onto the occupants, only there would these new helmet/hats would be a rare novelty. But, those living in other climates where the sun does play a part in heating the environment, as well as those individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatments, they will find the Helping Hats deserve the name 'helping'. The Helping Hats have a specially designed insulated cap filled with a coated gel insert that keeps the interior of the cap icy cold when worn. A Velcro® strap is attached to the base enabling the wearer to secure the unit and keep it in place.

The Helping Hats feature a malleable covering that encompasses the top, side and base of the head, while conforming to the scalp allowing a comfortable, complete, customized fit. The exterior of the helmet has a hard plastic insulated shell and serves to prevent the cold air from escaping during wear, while the interior features a cushiony soft gel liner covered in a fine medical grade plastic and nylon material that transmits the cool temperature to the head and scalp. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Helping Hats.

The Patent Pending Helping Hats were invented by Emily Kobilca of Lemont, IL who said, “These hats look like a helmet. They are filled with a gel that the battery pack keeps cool during wear. Those undergoing a chemotherapy treatment can apply the fully charged Helping Hat to their head and the icy cold cooling gel will cool the surface of the scalp and the hair follicles. As a chemo patient I can comfortably say it will be well received by other users too.”

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