"Hold Me Right": Infant Cushion Aids and Comforts Both Holder and Child

The safety and security of a newborn infant is the first responsibility of every parent. Sometimes this is not as simple as it seems—so any device that aids the infant is not only needed—but vital. Here is a vital product. The Hold Me Right is a cushioned, covered, firm and supportive memory-foam pad designed to properly support and cradle infants when they are being held. Ideal for use by new parents, as well as by friends and admiring relatives, the Hold Me Right would ensure that the infant is properly held and supported, and allow the holder to enjoy peace-of-mind when holding a newborn or infant.

Covered with a removable, zippered slip-covers made from soft baby-blanket material, the Hold Me Right is rectangular or oblong and approximately 15- to 22” in length and 10- to 12” in width. Both cushions support the baby's entire body with contoured and extra padding to support the baby's head. The machine-washable, form-fitting, baby-blanket slip-cover for the Hold Me Right is produced in pink or blue and various colors and patterns. The Hold Me Right facilitates many different holding techniques and positions including the Snuggle Hold, the Cradle Hold, the Football Hold, and the Face to Face Hold. Cradling and supporting the infant properly, the Hold Me Right allows the person holding the child to feel comfortable knowing the baby is properly supported.  TV marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Hold Me Right.
Hold Me Right is Patent Pending and was invented by Gladys Palacios of La Puente, CA who said, “A newborn baby's head is the heaviest part of the body so the head and neck need careful support. Hold Me Right is a firm pad or cushion and placed under the newborn baby to keep the head and body in a safe position while being held. It works perfectly.”

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