"Home Learning Center": Obtains Perfect Attendance for Education and Playtime

Attention Parents!  There is a wealth of new childhood learning tools available to help your child learn and develop. The Home Learning Center is a special product because it not only is a schoolhouse it is a playhouse where toddlers and preschoolers quickly learn and grow at their own pace.  The Home Learning Center combines a self-contained, indoor “playhouse” – the dimensions of which are suited to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners – with a “one-room schoolhouse” in which kids can learn their letters and numbers, colors, animals, as well as enjoying all the learning opportunities now conveyed through CDs, DVDs and the Internet. Offering kids their own space and permitting them to learn at their own pace the Home Learning Center provides both childhood instruction and entertainment.

The Home Learning Center presents itself as a miniature, ranch-style house, fabricated in molded thermoplastic in snap-together or slide-together, locking sections or panels. They are easily assembled or disassembled by an adult and the walls feature height- and length-adjustable extensions. The interior walls are cushioned with a layer of protective, thermoplastic foam. The walls feature clear acrylic windows. It is fitted with a locking roof and with one or more hinged doors. The two-panel Dutch doors permit those inside the “house” to easily communicate and interact with others outside the house such as when asking for a secret password from a visitor or playmate. Some of the interior features include walls lines with rotating blocks with letters, numbers, colors, animals and other objects for the child to identify. Games, toys and tasks will challenge the youngster and help develop his or her coordination. Press-panels through which the child can press an image, of a duck, for instance, prompts the audio system to respond with an audible quack. Child sized chairs and a blackboard are included and the Center is equipped with one or more LCD screens and CD/DVD players. It is WiFi compatible making educational programming such as that offered at a site like ABCmouse.com available. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Home Learning Center. 
The Patent Pending Home Learning Center was invented by Nijee McKenney of Willingboro, NJ who said, “The rapidly evolving digital technologies will be right at home in this miniature residence. The Home Learning Center attracts kids because it allows them to work, learn and play at their own pace and in their own space.  It works.”

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