"Horoscope Premium Beverage": Enjoy an Adult Drink Designed Just for One's Zodiac Sign

​How about a drink personalized to your zodiac sign that is fun, tasty, and unique? That is the concept behind the Horoscope Premium Beverage line. It is designed to be a line of top quality alcoholic beverages that offer a drink tailored to your specific zodiac sign. Each drink will be the color of the birthstone for that specific sign. For example, if Aquarius is your sign, the drink could be produced in a brilliant shade of purple to represent the garnet and amethyst stones. The Horoscope Premium Beverage line's motif will extend to the exterior packaging with containers artfully adorned with information specific to your particular sign, such as the symbol, element, planet, and qualities of the sign.  

The Horoscope Premium Beverage line will offer adult consumers a unique, exciting way to celebrate their birth sign. The drinks will blend all natural flavorings and alcoholic spirits that will be tasty and desirable. Showcasing the zodiac in a new and novel manner, these party items will be a favorite of adults and others interested in astrology. They could possibly be collectors’ items also. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Horoscope Premium Beverage. 

The Patent Pending Horoscope Premium Beverage was invented by Shayla Howard of Broadview, IL who said, “I thought of this line of beverages when creating a signature drink for my sister's bridal shower. Each individual drink will play off the personality of the sign according to the general horoscope.” 

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Source: Invents Company


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