"I See You": A Video Camera/Image Display System Used By Cyclists

"I See You" provides a full view to the rear while keeping one's eyes on road ahead.

The ability of a cyclists to keep abreast of what is going on to the rear is almost as important and vital to one's well being and safety as keeping the eyes on the road ahead. I See You is a video camera/image display system used to provide a cyclist with a rear and blind spot view, day or night. The intent of this design is to improve a cyclist's ability to have that 360° view of immediate space without having to take one's eyes off the road to check the rear view and/or blind spots.

The system itself is comprised of a miniature video camera mounted on the rear wheel frame area and one location can include a rear triangle mount or a seat tube mount, depending upon the style of the bike. The camera has a wide angle lens which shows the blind spot as well as rear views. Both the camera and video display components are powered by a rechargeable battery, water-proof, as well as a theft protection lock for short term stops. Additional design information can be viewed in the brochure. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in I See You.

The Patent Pending I See You was designed and invented by Donald Pizzolato, Jr. and Tony Serrano, Jr. of Millstone Township, NJ who said, “I See You does just exactly what it was designed for and it easily may save lives of those on bicycles, motorcycles or mopeds because they can see what is behind them while never having to take their eyes off the road ahead of them by enhancing rear and side visibility at all times. It works!”

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