'Imperfectly Perfect Dolls': Perfection is in the Eyes of the Beholder and These Dolls Are Perfect

The Imperfectly Perfect Dolls is a line of children's dolls, for girls and boys, designed to boost the self-esteem of those children whose disabilities and imperfections – in the traditional, superficial sense – may have obscured their own sense of themselves as beautiful and unique. Therapeutic and self-affirming, the Imperfectly Perfect Dolls would give the 'imperfect' child a comforting companion who shares his or her disability; and teach both children and adults that different, can be perfect in its own unique way. 

The realistic Imperfectly Perfect Dolls closely represent the children for whom they are intended. Rather than playing with a superhero doll, for example, a boy with a prosthetic leg might play with a doll representing a soldier who has lost a leg on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan – a hero with whom he has something in common; and rather than playing with a flawlessly toned Barbie Doll, a little girl might play with a doll whose white-blotched skin closely mirrors her own. The Imperfectly Perfect Dolls serve as a vehicle for starting conversations and raising awareness of disabilities and imperfections among adults as well as children. The Imperfectly Perfect Dolls provide a valuable teaching device for children – whether disabled or not – and for parents of children with developmental disorders and disabilities. For non-disabled children in a nursery-school or daycare these dolls teach respect for other children whose appearance and abilities differ from their own. The Imperfectly Perfect Dolls enhance coping skills and understanding among the parents of disabled or “imperfect” children, as the parents may have issues of their own. These dolls can be used as a self-esteem builder by psychological counselors and therapists who work with disabled, ill, or developmentally challenged children. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Imperfectly Perfect Dolls. 
The Imperfectly Perfect Dolls is Patent Pending and was invented by Asia Patrick of Crest Hill, Illinois who said, “Being different can be interesting or it can be heart-wrenching. In the case of those with disabilities, it is a thankless situation and those with disorders are often unable to better themselves. These dolls represent those with various illnesses and handicaps and show others that human attributes are always at work.”

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