"Innovative Baby Diaper": A Line of Lifetime Use Diaper

Invents introduces "Innovative Baby Diaper" which is designed to prevent urine and bowl movement leakage.

​The online Merriam-Webster dictionary (#3) defines diaper as—an absorbent material drawn up between the legs and fastened about the waist—also: similar garment especially for incontinent adults. That description precisely defines the new Innovative Baby Diaper. The Innovative Baby Diaper is a line of lifetime use diapers boasting extended coverage above the waistline and additional layers of super absorbent padding in the groin area. The diaper features a flexible waistband and leg openings for unrestricted and comfortable movement in any position. The design intent is to effectively contain waste keeping it from exiting the top of the diaper on both children and adults, thus preventing unsanitary leaks and spreading of germs and bacteria.
The Innovative Baby Diaper is specially designed for children, toddlers and adults (lifetime use) and is similar to standard diapers. The special feature of the Innovative Baby Diaper is the extended length waistline which extends the top of the diaper to just below the chest. A pair of absorbent wings stemming from the sides of the diaper panel serve to wrap around the wearers torso for needed coverage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Innovative Baby Diaper.
The Patented Innovative Baby Diaper was invented by Chandra Kennedy of Queens, NY who said, “This kind of diaper helps a child progress through the stages of mobility and absorbs and contains waste even from runny bowel movements. It works equally well for incontinent adults and prevents dangerous leaks from the wearer, whatever the age. It works.”

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