"Insta Fan": When You Walk With Your Wind

The one device everyone always keeps close to their person is their phone. Now communicating and keeping cool is a breeze in every setting.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing with Insta Fan, you’ll always be cool!  The Insta Fan presents smartphone users with a compact, rechargeable, battery-powered, personal fan. It is designed in one version that would clip onto the phone, and another in which the fan would be incorporated into a new, air-flow vented phone case, the Insta Fan provides cx immediate cooling-off, at all levels.  Whether you’re taking a great selfie, having a hot flash, watching a sporting event or just outdoors on a hot day, here’s your personal cool breeze.

The Insta Fan is produced in two versions. Both are powered by a long-life, compact, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and rechargeable via an included power adapter and USB- to mini-USB cord. Both versions employ small, plastic-bladed, rotary electric fans. The difference between the two versions is that one is a clip-on accessory fastening to the phone or case by means of a spring-loaded clip and the other is a new phone case, the front borders of which have openings through which the Insta Fan pushes air.

The clip-on Insta Fan is circular or square and can be clipped onto the phone in any position. This version includes the fan-and-clip, the charging adapter and cord, and a convenient zippered pouch for easy portability and storage. The Insta Fan phone-case(s) are produced in a variety of sizes. The case is form-fitting to the phone, fabricated in a resilient and durable molded plastic polymer featuring a regular series of openings around the phone's front-side borders, with the fan situated in the back of the phone case.

Both the clip-on Insta Fan and the phone-case Insta Fan have an attractive, stylized “IF” logo; and both feature a single-button ON/OFF and three-speed operation for Low, Medium, and High. They are produced in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Insta Fan. 
The Insta Fan is Patent Pending and was invented by a model and producer, Kim Porter of Toluca Lake, CA who said, “I wanted a fan for the perfect selfie, and now, I need my Insta Fan to keep cool! At some point, everyone needs a cool breeze and as long as you have your phone, you’re cool.”

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