Invents Company Introduces Answer To Untangled Fishing Lines For Avid Fishermen

The Fish Clip-For Anglers allows one to break down a rod but keep the two joints together.

Fishermen—Spend less time untangling fishing lines and more time fishing. The Fish Clip can keep a fishing line free of snags and tangles, saving valuable time. The Fish Clip is a set of plastic spring-clips that are fastened to the butt section (or lower joint) of a two-piece fishing rod. It provides a safe and convenient way to secure the tip section (or upper joint) for storage or transport, even when the rod is threaded through the guides with line and lure or bait fishing rig.

The Fish Clips are produced for a variety of rods, from ultra-light spinning outfits to bait-casting rigs, fly-rods, and surf-casting rods. Their size and number vary accordingly. To install the Fish Clips all one needs is a screwdriver or the screwdriver blade of a fishing knife. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Fish Clip.

"In my estimation one of the best sports in the world is fishing. It relaxes the fisherman and yet when the fish strikes, it gives the greatest happy shock of all. My new Fish Clip keeps lines untangled and is the perfect answer to worry-free fishing."

Joshua Cook, Inventor

The Patent Pending Fish Clip was invented by Joshua Cook of Ballston Lake, NY, who said, “ When fishing is over for the day or when an angler wants to break down a rod for transport, he or she simply dis-joints the rod, clips the tip section to the Fish Clips on the butt section with either the line threaded or reeled in. The two sections are now securely joined and the line will not tangle.”

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