Invents Company introduces "JCAP" A User-friendly Earbud Style Of Headphones

The JCAP is a baseball cap with headphones. It comfortably allows one to use the headphones while wearing a baseball cap which is a long awaited process by many many wearers of these numerous baseball caps.

What a hassle it can be trying to balance headphones on the head while wearing a cap! The JCAP solves this problem by combining the two into one unit. The JCAP, a line of functional stereo headphones incorporated into an attractive baseball cap, allows one to blend entertainment and style in one unit. Offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, the JCAP should appeal to both sexes and all ages.

Manufactured of a durable fabric material, the JCAP resembles a standard baseball cap. What makes the JCAP unique is the headphones which are attached to either side of the cap with swivel-mounted snap fittings. The lightweight headphones have the familiar shape of cup-style headphones, fitting comfortably over the entire ears, reducing outside noises. The headphones can be raised or lowered as needed and even removed. A handy connection cord is attached to the rear of the hat and can be retracted into the cap. The JCAP can accommodate any electronic entertainment device-mp3 player, table computer, laptop or smartphone. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the JCAP.

"Although many of may not feel the need for music in their ears, the variety of users who needl this requirement will love the headgear we have designed called JCAP."

Zose M. Saucedo and Araceli Perez, Inventors

The Patent Pending JCAP was invented by Jose M. Saucedo and Araceli Perez of Bensenville, IL, who said, “The JCAP can also incorporate the compact, user-friendly earbud style of headphones with color to match the hat. Earbuds and jack can be retracted into the cap.”

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