Invents Company Introduces "Solar Powered Debit Pad", An All-In-One Financial Management System

The Solar Powered Debit Pad is designed for the organization and distribution of corporate transactions to help manage and organize personal or corporate business and it is a real time saver when filing taxes.

Those who operate a personal business or corporation know the importance of organizing the mountains of paperwork. Spending a full day trying to locate a needed document is not productive! A unique way to organize and distribute corporate transactions is with the Solar Powered Debit Pad, a tablet computer. It provides a portable, consolidated, all-in-one system for managing and distributing the finances of a personal business or corporation and can be a great time saver when filing taxes for the IRS.

The portable and easily accessed Solar Powered Debit Pad is similar to a standard tablet computer, but what sets it apart is that it is designed solely to organize records of credit, debit, transactions, expenses, payroll, and inventory. The solar powered unit is operated through a touch screen and comes readily equipped with a multitude of applications already installed to immediately help one operate his or her business more efficiently. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Solar Powered Debit Pad.

"The detailed management and organization of financial records makes the Solar Powered Debit Pad a vital tool for both an individual and a business."

Frank Williams, Inventor

The Patent Pending Solar Powered Debit Pad was invented by Frank Williams of Houston, TX, who said, “Some, but not all, of the applications of the Solar Powered Debit Pad can be accessed to a corporate credit account, a record of inventory, a database of all credit and debits accounted for, a time clock for payroll, and an organized calendar and digital Rolodex. Most importantly, all of these applications are completely integrated with one another.”

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