Invents Company Introduces "Speading" — Enables Users To Read Swiftly With Comprehension

An Innovative Reading Program - "Speading" - teaches children and adults to read faster while also improving their comprehension. It is a multilingual computer software program enabling users read more swiftly and retain what they read.

Parents can start a child's reading development early so that by the time the child enters kindergarten, his or her reading and comprehension skills foster a sense of confidence in their abilities. Speading, a multilingual computer software program, is specially designed to give beginning and slow readers the tools they need to help them read faster, as well as improve their comprehension of the materials they are reading. Not only for children, this interactive computer program can assist adults also in improving their reading skills. And, if one already knows a foreign language, but wants to improve their skills, Speading is the answer. The software for Speading is compatible with virtually any operating system, from PCs and Macs to possibly even mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Speading.

The Patent Pending Speading was invented by D'Jameon Stearns of Humble, TX, who said, “Consisting of specialized exercises geared to appropriate ages and reading levels, Speading uses methods or “tricks” to help users better accomplish reading tasks. Some of the exercises may have to do with discerning key words in each sentence and then combining them in context so that one does not have to labor over each individual word. Other exercises may teach techniques in softening the eyes, so that one's gaze is expanded and can pick out blocks of words more clearly, speeding the reading process. Directional reading techniques may be the focus of other exercises in which lines in paragraphs are read alternately with the first line read left to right as normal, and the second line is read right to left.”

"Speading works and will make every user quickly view the benefits. Parents will appreciate their child overcoming reading problems and no matter what the age, users will benefit from this program."

D'Jameon Stearns, Inventor

The inventor added, “Teachers can benefit from Speading by successfully imparting lessons to students. Older students and adults can benefit by improving their reading skills which could in turn help them get into college or get a better job. On the professional level, Speading can teach how to read faster with greater comprehension even when background noises are present. The Speading's methods serve to keep a reader focused on what they are reading, and not their distracting surroundings.”

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