Invents Company Unveils "Double Cover" To Clean Picnic Table In Seconds

The Double Cover, a Two-in-One Product is a tablecloth during the meal and a trash bag afterwards to help easily clean up all the mess.

Imagine a way to clear the dinner table after a family meal or party celebration in a quick, simple way with little fuss and hassle. The Double Cover can clean up the mess in seconds. A disposable tablecloth, the Double Cover has integrated drawstring closures that surround its border. It is used as a tablecloth during the meal. Then, after a meal, the Double Cover is easily gathered, transforming the tablecloth into a fully functioning trash bag. Produced in a wide variety of appealing colors and printed designs that celebrate holidays, seasons, or celebratory themes, the Double Cover is handy year round. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Double Cover.

The Patent Pending Double Cover was invented by Selvije and Xhezair Fazliu of Brooklyn, NY, who said, “The Double Cover is made heavy duty, plastic material, the same material used for reinforced outdoor trash bags. It can be produced in various shapes, such as rectangular, circular, and square, to accommodate a variety of table surfaces; and can also be offered in a variety of dimensions for different needs.”

"After dining indoors (or outdoors) clean up is an absolute snap when utilizing our product, the Double Cover.It works perfectly and all remnants of a luncheon or dinner meal are gone."

Selvije and Xhezair Fazliu , Inventors

The inventor added, “What is unique about the Double Cover is the heavy duty drawstring closure around the border. Made of flexible elastic material, this drawstring enables one to custom fit the tablecloth to an existing table and then use it as a trash bag afterward. One simply pulls either end of the elastic pull straps tightly together.”

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