Invents Company Unveils New Dishware Displaying Nutritional Benefits of Vitamins

The Educational Refresh Collection is a set of dinnerware printed with nutritional benefits of vitamins and other ingredients and serves as a information center for the diner.

Healthy eating is a concept that is much talked about, but many people do not understand what exactly healthy eating entails. Trying to remember which foods are rich in what vitamins can be a daunting endeavor. An effortless way to teach information about foods is with the Refresh Collection. A line of functional dinnerware, the Refresh Collection, is pre-printed with the nutritional benefits of the vitamins and other ingredients found in a wide variety of foods. The Refresh Collection line includes an assortment of dinner plates, bowls, saucers, and drinking glasses.

What sets the Refresh Collection apart from common dinnerware is the information printed on collection. Each has information that pertains to a particular vitamin or mineral, the benefits and a list of foods with the ingredient. An example is “Vitamin A”, which is printed on one of the plates. Below this caption, a summary of the benefits of the vitamin are listed, which are “Protects against cancer, eye problems, and promotes skin repair. Helps with teeth and bone formation, builds the immune system, and much more”. Foods rich in vitamin A are listed next under the heading “Source”. These foods are “Carrots, spinach, mangoes, cantaloupes, peaches”. Attractive illustrations of these foods are around the perimeter of the plate. Additionally, a disclaimer advising to “Always seek professional advice for recommended dosage” is printed at the bottom of the plate's front surface. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Refresh Collection.

"The Refresh Collection is great for teaching children (and adults) about the benefits of eating healthy foods."

Anne Christopher and Debbie Reynolds, Inventors

The Patent Pending Refresh Collection was invented by Anne Christopher and Debbie Reynolds of Houston, TX, who said, “The Refresh Collection is great for teaching children about healthy foods. By teaching children healthy eating habits at a young age, we help them reap the benefits for a lifetime. For adults who do know about healthy eating, the Refresh Collection can be a constant, subtle reminder to make wise food choices.”

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