Invents Company Unveils "Toilet Riser" That Extends Height Of Toilet For Disabled And Large Statured People

"The Toilet Riser makes it simpler and easier to sit and stand without needing a booster seat or help from others when using the bathroom and gives the user a feeling of independence.."

For some people with medical or non-medical problems, using the toilet is uncomfortable and can cause anxiety. The elderly, those with limited mobility, and those of larger statures need a higher toilet in order to move more easily from a seated to a standing position and vice versa. Now, there is a product, the Toilet Riser, which elevates the toilet several inches giving a more comfortable, attractive, and secure product. Specially designed to be placed between the floor and the base of a toilet, one needn't worry that the product will slip and cause falls. Not only perfect for home use, the Toilet Riser is also beneficial in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Toilet Riser.

The Patent Pending Toilet Riser was invented by Nyla and Bill Johnson of Bradley, IL, who said, “There are several advantages of the Toilet Riser. First, permanently installed between the existing toilet base and the floor of a bathroom, the Toilet Riser eliminates the need to use medically issued booster seats that can sometimes cause more problems than they solve.”

"The real benefit of the Toilet Riser is quickly acknowledged by those with limited mobility and other physical problem, including obesity, "

Nyla and Bill Johnson, Inventors

The inventor added, “Second, the Toilet Riser is cost-effective. It easily raises the existing toilet to heights without having to spend hundreds of dollars on larger commodes to replace a perfectly good toilet. Third, since the Toilet Riser is incorporated into the existing toilet, it is more pleasing to the eye, blending in with the bath décor instead of looking like a hospital facility.”

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