Invents Company Unveils "Voice Blaster", A Portable Recorder/Audio Player With Motion Sensor

The Novel Voice Blaster is designed to make laughter the very best medicine. The device can be activated by a motion sensor leaving the spectators bewildered by comments.

If anyone has ever wished to record a comical anecdote for future audio to others, the Voice Blaster may be the solution. The Voice Blaster is a specially designed portable recorder/audio player that can be utilized to record funny sentiments or sounds with the device's playback mode automatically activated via an integrated motion sensor. The design intent of the Voice Blaster is to record various humorous sentiments and then position the device out of sight where it would be inadvertently activated by unsuspecting passersby. The motion sensor and alarm, listing and charging capabilities, as well as the ability to record and send short videos, could be utilized as a security device, safety device, phone charger, and backup fire and smoke alarm. It is unique in that it can play back via motion sensor and can also be used to record reminders.

The Voice Blaster can easily be located outside the front door of one's home so that should someone approach, the motion sensor is activated and sends a notice (or video) either by Blue-tooth or WI-Fi to the owner's cell phone. Simply by pushing a button the resident can talk to the postman, FedEx, UPS employee or whoever may be at the door. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Voice Blaster.

"The Voice Blaster is a novel device. It can be utilized to have fun with others—but it also works as an alarm, brief video recorder, security device, phone charger and backup fire and smoke alarm. Wherever needed, the Voice Blaster works!"

Glenn Squires, Inventor

The Patent Pending Voice Blaster was invented by Glenn Squires of Blandon, PA who said, “This comes in a variety of colors and is a fun way in which to make people laugh, but is also is a much needed safety surveillance and detection system. It works perfectly and users will appreciate the convenience.”

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