Invents Introduces "Mileage Solution", Differentiate Between Business & Personal Mileage With Ease

For professionals and entrepreneurs, the Mileage Solution is a more accurate, less laborious way to differentiate between business and personal mileage.

Many professionals need to keep a record of their mileage for business purposes. This may involve juggling a log book, meticulously notating the vehicle's inset odometer reading with every trip or one may have to try to guess how much of a day's mileage was used for business and how much was used for personal reasons. A more accurate and less laborious way to keep track of one's mileage is with the Mileage Solution, a timed, electronic odometer unit. With the Mileage Solution, companies can accurately track the miles traveled by their employees facilitating correct compensation and expense reporting that can result in money saving for the company. Drivers can benefit because of the ease of use and an indisputable record of miles driven for reimbursement. With the Mileage Solution, semi drivers would not go over the allotted driving hours or miles on any given trip. Also, at tax time, deductions for mileage can be accurately reported, saving many headaches by ensuring IRS compliance.

The Mileage Solution is positioned on the dashboard of a vehicle and connected to a specially installed on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) component. This OBD-II powers the device and works in conjunction with the unit's internal components to digitally monitor the number of miles driven when activated. The Download button works in tandem with a handy Universal Serial Bus port on the side of the unit which facilitates transfer of the recorded information to a personal computer. The Mileage Solution records every time the engine is started and stopped, with a time stamp. In addition, it records miles “recorded” as well as miles “not recorded” on the LED screen, in a 24 hour period.

"Anyone who has suffered over a bunch of receipts in order to turn in the proper amount of business mileage (as separate from personal) will quickly see the benefits of the Mileage Solution."

Garin Harcar, Inventor

The Patent Pending Mileage Solution was invented by Garin Harcar of Sycamore, IL, who said, “The Mileage Solution can be developed into a downloadable software application and information used/downloaded via Bluetooth®. The Mileage Solution can then be downloaded by the heads of transportation departments of major companies and even government entities.”

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