Invents Introduces "Smart Lights", Watch Technology Meet Holiday Lighting

Smart Lights frees users from the labor intensive tedious task of stringing and fastening holiday lights. It makes exterior decorating easy as 1,2,3.

Very few consumers have had the determination to find a way to improve certain aspects of their lives. That was not true of an inventor from North Bellmore, NY. He designed and developed Smart Lights which is an advanced, fully automated, electronic system composed of decorative exterior lighting with a semi-permanent banner display that once installed may be used year round. When not in use Smart Lights' design blends into a building's architectural lines. Smart Lights allows users to program and operate the system via a software application from a personal computer, smart-phone or manually via use of a remote control.

Smart Lights is designed to free users from the labor intensive and tedious task of stringing and fastening holiday lights. It makes exterior decorating easy and allows the consumer to use the system for any holiday or special event. The use of Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) technology makes for low energy consumption while also being cost effective. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Smart Lights.

"I has always amazed me learning how advances come about in today's world. That is almost exactly the reason I designed Smart Lights. They work perfectly!"

Robert Gorski, Inventor

Patent Pending Smart Lights was invented by Robert Gorski of North Bellmore, NY who said, “An idea came to me while on a ladder twenty feet off the ground on a windy day wrestling with lights on my gutters, thinking—there has to be a better way!” That very night he put a pencil to paper and Smart Lights was created! As an airline pilot with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, he developed Smart Lights—the next level of high-tech holiday lighting décor. The complex ability of Smart Lights is eased by the use of its computer and can be operated by remote control as well as set to a calendar. Smart Lights works great in homes and can add a custom look in your business too!”

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