Invents Introduces 'The Swimming Enhancement System With Propellers': Allows Aqua Movements Safe, Simple, Easy and Fun.

​​​​The ability to move in the water is a wonderful feeling and to be able to do this with the aid of another piece of equipment sounds perfect for the avid water enthusiast. This new and unique product provides that ability. The Swimming Enhancement System With Propellers is a line of wearable vests equipped with interchangeable propellers for the front or back, and propeller equipped straps for the legs, both specially designed for use while swimming or gliding around a pool or body of water. Battery operated, the design intent is to help propel swimmers by providing improved speed and mobility in water, as well as with confidence and fun.

This is an all-encompassing product that helps beginning swimmers to safely learn proper techniques while also facilitating physical fitness and leisurely activity in any body of water and includes a line of wearable vests which are usable while floating on one's back or front, as well as straps for the legs augmented with a series of battery-operated propellers. This design allows users to enjoy speedier, safer strokes optimizing the fun and fitness benefits of swimming. Offered in various sizes appropriate for men, women, and children, this product is available in a full vest form or simply as individual leg straps that wrap around each leg. Fitted via strips of velcro, one side of the unit is equipped with motorized propellers. Propellers for the vest are mounted on either the front or back of the unit, alternating their location depending upon which side of the body the user chooses to swim. Power to the propellers is provided via a waterproof, rechargeable battery system. The unit would be placed on the body with the propeller side in the water. Proceeding with basic (or even advanced) swimming strokes, the wearer can experience a new way to navigate a pool, river, ocean, lake, or any other body of water with a gliding speed and buoyancy not achievable via the hands alone. The vest can be companioned with the leg strap units for even more power in swimming. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Swimming Enhancement System With Propellers.

The Swimming Enhancement System With Propellers is patent pending and was invented by Richard Hardy of Bloomfield, NJ who said, “This is easy-to-use, safe and affordable.  Users will enjoy floating as well as the additional mobility it allows him or her – young or old – to enjoy in the water. It works perfectly.”

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