Invents Introduces 'The Ultimate Lightweight Versatile Tree Stand': High Visibility With Easy Installation and Removal

Three key words mean the difference between difficult and easy in the new type of tree stand for outdoor enthusiasts: ultimate, lightweight and versatile. The Ultimate Lightweight Versatile Tree Stand is a specially designed tree stand configured expressly for use by hunters, photographers and outdoorsmen - on trees with or without branches. The design intent is to provide the user with a sturdy, yet lightweight, long-lasting, easily installed and effortlessly moved tree stand which would provide a stable, elevated platform on which one can hunt, photograph or observe various types of game and wildlife.

Primarily manufactured of heavy-duty, yet lightweight galvanized aluminum and composite material featuring galvanized steel components, the stand will never rust or wear out and is designed to be suspended in virtually any type of tree, regardless of whether the tree has branches. It features a triangular framework, over which a sturdy composite 24”L X 24”W platform is mounted. The front corners are cut off at an angle to aid in turning in the seat when seated. The unit framework serves as a support race, extending at an angle downward from the approximate center of the underside of the top base plate to the center of the bottom base plate. Both base plates have a quarter-moon notch, so the tree stand can be flush against the trunk of the tree, stabilizing the unit. Located in either corner of the rear of the top base plate platform is a 45° notch, through which the user secures to the tree with a sturdy galvanized link chain, included with the unit. Measuring several feet in length to accommodate the different girths of variously sized tree trunks, the chain features a set of two, adjustable galvanized screw pins, slip-hooks, eye-bolts, bolt snap fasteners or comparable hardware for use in anchoring the chain to either side of the stand. Properly installed following the included instructions, the Ultimate Lightweight Versatile Tree Stand’s platform would be suspended horizontally against the side of the tree, with its triangular support brace and sturdy chain serving to stabilize and anchor the unit. The user would then climb onto the platform where he or she could sit or stand to observe or hunt game from this elevated perch. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ultimate Lightweight Versatile Tree Stand.
The Ultimate Lightweight Versatile Tree Stand is Patent Pending and was invented by Stuart Parsons, an experienced outdoorsman, hunting enthusiast and inventor of Woodbourne, New York, who said, “The fastening and support system are what make this tree stand unique. It fits in any tree, without or with branches. It works.”

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