Invents Introduces "View Dome", Vehicle Closed Circuit Recording System Supplies Evidence Needed

The amazing View Dome is a camera that ensures whoever caused the car accident will be held responsible when this product comes to the rescue.

A vehicle driver may experience a car accident where the other person was at fault, but have no way to prove it. The View Dome can come to the rescue. The View Dome is a camera/recorder system specially designed for use in automotive vehicles. In the event of an accident, the video images recorded on digital recorder unit is used as visual evidence to determine if the driver of the vehicle or another party was at fault.

The Patent Pending View Dome was invented by George Hondrogiannis of Glendale, CA, who said, “The View Dome is designed to serve as a security camera to document as well as prevent vehicle break-ins as well as speeding teenage drivers. The View Dome is a video recording system for automotive vehicles that is essentially a closed circuit recording system. Additionally, a microphone is included to integrate recorded sound with the video images. WiFi capabilities are available for easy, wireless transfer of video onto laptops, smart-phones, and tablets.”

"The benefits and advantages of the View Dome include: improving the trust between professionals, objective and infallible documentation of the accident and injuries, lowering the car accident crime rate, enabling those involved to settle the claim much faster and, foremost, help make driving much safer."

George Hondrogiannis, Inventor

The inventor added, “Power to the View Dome is provided by a solar panel on top of the unit. As the camera is positioned in direct sunlight at all times, the unit remains fully charged and operational. Twelve different versions of the View Dome have been developed to be installed in new model vehicles."

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