Invents Presents 'The Multifunction Tool Table': Functions With Hand, Table, Bench, Miter Saw or a Router—all in One Unit.

The online Merriam Webster dictionary describes carpentry as:  the art or trade of a carpenter—specificallythe art of shaping and assembling structural woodwork. The work of a carpenter is made much simpler and easier when using this new product. The Multifunction Tool Table is a portable tool that offers the function of many different saw types into one portable unit. The Multifunction Tool Table uses various interchangeable platforms to perform various cutting tasks.

The function of the Multifunction Tool Table is to enable the user to configure attachments to perform the tasks of a table saw, bench saw, miter saw and a router in one portable unit. The tool mount bracket enables various hand tools to be integrated:  For example, a hand saw is mounted to the Tool Mount Bracket to perform all the saw operations such as cross cuts, rip cuts, miter cuts. Bevel cuts are possible with the tilt/lock mechanism on the Tool Mount Bracket. It may also mount other power hand tools such as a router creating a router table. The Tool Mount Bracket integrates with the interchangeable bases to perform the desired cut. The bases are configured to maximize efficiency and are stacked and secured together when not in use. There is a small storage area in the front for additional items that are needed for the job. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multifunction Tool Table.
The Multifunction Tool Table is Utility Patent Pending and was invented by Joseph Iannelli of Bridgeport, CT who said, “Even though portable table saws add portability to perform all the desired cuts it is still necessary to bring 3 saws to the job jobsite. This tool table enables the user to reduce the number of tools used and allows increased mobility and efficiency. Every tradesmen in this field will recognize and appreciate the ability of the Multifunction Tool Table. It works.”

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