Invents Presents 'The Tamiko Blondie Doll': Aids the Personal Confidence of Children With Albinism.

Children are fortunately the most adaptable human beings in the world but sometimes need to feel accepted the way they are. Albinism can be difficult for youngsters, but this new doll makes the process simple. The Tamiko Blondie Doll is a line of dolls including baby dolls and high fashion dolls, complete with a line of clothing and accessories for the dolls, all of which feature the common traits of albinism. The design intent is to provide consumers, particularly children and African Americans who have albinism, a unique and fun, relatable doll that is representative of themselves.

Designed to provide children of all ages who have albinism a relatable plaything or collectible and is offered as a standard baby doll, as well as in the form of a high fashion doll comparable to Barbie®, Bratz®, and similar dolls in the current marketplace. Baby dolls in the Tamiko Blondie Doll line feature soft fabric or molded rubber or plastic bodies, movable limbs, and realistically rendered faces and heads. High fashion dolls in the line could be lifelike in appearance and appropriately proportioned to mimic the body of a young woman, with various body types made available. Initial offerings in the line are female; however, male dolls will be made available. Dolls in the line are dressed in clothing appropriate to the designated doll type. A Tamiko Blondie baby doll might be dressed in a diaper, a onesie, and comes prepackaged with a baby bottle, pacifier, and comparable accessory items. A Tamiko Blondie high fashion doll might be dressed in contemporary fashions and boast fun accessories such as colorful shoes, purses, a cell phone and other goods. The most notable aspect of the Tamiko Blondie Doll line is that each doll in the line would have albinism. Because there are various degrees of albinism, dolls in the line include those who lack all melanin and pigmentation and have very pale skin, white hair and light eyes, while dolls with less extreme degrees of albinism and will have light skin, eyes, and even blonde or other light-colored hair are also available. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tamiko Blondie Doll.
The Tamiko Blondie Doll is Patent Pending and was invented by Tamiko Gordon of New York, NY who said, “This is both an innovative and practical addition to the doll market which offers representation to those who have albinism. With a doll that looks just like them it will aid self-acceptance of children of all ages. Personal confidence is a trait everyone wishes their child to have and this doll aids that characteristic. It works.”

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