Invents Releases "35 And Out", Have Fun With Family & Friends Playing This New Board Game

35 and Out is a competitive new board game that is both challenging and fun play for up to four players of all ages.

If one needs a new game for family fun night, party gatherings or tournament play, one that is competitive and challenging, but easy enough for all to play, the 35 and Out is the must-have new game. A highly creative board game, the 35 and Out provides hours of competitive and challenging fun. Both old and young will enjoy this game of chance that stimulates the mind via intense focus on achieving optimal positioning with a perfectly timed flick of the spinning pointer.

The Patent Pending 35 and Out was invented by James Mullarkey of New York, NY, who said, “35 and Out has a playing surface, a spinner, and marbles which are used as the game's playing pieces. The board is divided into nine equal slots with empty sections on each corner, which house marbles that are not in play. Outside center sections contain the actual states of play which consist of a series of holes positioned with five down and seven across, for a total of five. Randomly designated one through six, the board has blue spaces for positive values (marbles added) and red for negative (marbles removed).”

"35 and Out is a game that one will never tire of playing. It provides a challenge and at the same time is fun. Any room where 35 and Out is played will be full of laughter."

James Mullarkey, Inventor

The inventor added, “Relatively simple, yet extremely fun to play, players need only flick the spinning pointer to determine their move. For instance, if a player lands on a blue five, five marbles are added to the center board. However, a red four takes back four marbles, which are replaced in the storage tray. Play continues until the first player to fill his or her board with all 35 marbles is the winner, having reached “35” and now “Out”. A variation is for players to start with all slots filled with marbles and play in reverse, seeking to be the first to empty their board of marbles.”

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