Invents Releases "C Shape Jack" a Mechanic, Pipefitter and DIYer Dream Come True

The C Shape Jack is an accessory pedestal which slides onto the existing saddle of a hydraulic floor jack converting that saddle into an arched C-shape for supporting and lifting cylindrical objects from axles and spindles to pipes. It is easy-to-use and capable of supporting any load the jack can handle. The C-Shape Jack would be used by mechanics as well as such construction-industry tradesmen and household do-it-yourselfers.

The C Shape Jack is a one-piece accessory that converts the flat saddle or pedestal of a standard hydraulic floor-jack into an arched, concave saddle for lifting and supporting curved or cylindrical objects such as axles, spindles, and pipes. The C-Shape Jack is an arched, nearly semicircular component 12” L x 3½” to 4” D, fabricated in heavy-duty steel channels and welded, at its center bottom, to a flat bottom plate equipped with C-channels on either side. These C-channels slide onto and over the flanges on the sides of the jack's existing saddle forming a secure, locked anchor and base for the C-Shape Jack which now takes the place of the jack's saddle or pedestal forming a concave rest upon which axles, spindles, or pipes may be lifted and supported.
The C Shape Jack is Patent Pending and was invented by Jerzy Maslowski of Oak Lawn, IL who said, “The C-Shape Jack is an accessory that installs easily and gives a hydraulic floor-jack a range of versatility that it does not otherwise possess. It is essential for supporting wheel spindles and sliding away heavy hubs making work easier for the truck and heavy-equipment mechanic and incredibly useful to pipe-fitters, HVAC techs and any other tradesman who must raise cylindrical, rounded objects or heavy pipes as part of their job. It works.”

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