Invents Releases "Lumbar Cushion", Alleviate Back Pain In Lower Extremities

The comfortable Lumbar Cushion improves circulation and relieves stress in the lumbar spine.

Anyone who has ever undergone a medical diagnostic test where he or she must lie flat will quickly appreciate the new Lumbar Cushion. Why? No cramps! The Lumbar Cushion is a specially designed ergonomic cushion for use in elevating the legs and feet and works perfectly during those overlong “tunnel” tests. Actually the design intent of the Lumbar Cushion is to provide consumers with a comfortable and reliable support for elevating the lower extremities that can be utilized in the home in order to improve circulation as well as treat a variety of medical conditions.

The Lumbar Cushion will improve circulation and help reduce leg and feet swelling as well as aid in reducing other medical maladies. It is sized to support the legs of an average or plus size adult user. The cushion has a softly rounded triangular configuration providing an angled platform which gently elevates the lower extremities. The ample surface easily supports the weight of the legs and feet. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Lumbar Cushion.

"Lumbar Cushion properties are soft and light materials for comfort and the ergonomic design is perfect to elevate the legs and feet. Alleviates muscle cramps in the back often present while laying flat on one's back. Overall, it works perfectly!"

Karen Klinedinst, Inventor

The Patent Pending Lumbar Cushion was invented by Karen Klinedinst of Elkridge, MD who said, “This cushion offers optimal comfort for every user. A variety of colors and materials are available for different tastes and it also comes in a washable vinyl casing for easy maintenance. It works in any room of the home including on the bed when the user is taking a power nap. The Lumbar Cushion works!.”

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